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Life Coaching

Life coaching is an individual supportive relationship that takes place face-to-face or remotely (by phone or video conference). It is a personalized accompaniment allowing people to solve problems around family, work, relationships, stress, creativity, finance and more, in order to reach their goals and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

I help my clients explore the unconscious causes of their problems and find the path that will lead them to success, regardless of what that means to them.

My goal when working with clients in life coaching is to help them break free from their limiting beliefs, which are often the cause of blockages and stress. I also help them make decisions and set specific goals that will help them achieve what they want in their lives.

Life coaching can be a temporary need. For example, some people might only need one session to organize their priorities and decide which direction to follow. Whereas some other people who are at major turning points in their lives or face greater difficulties may need support on a longer term.

Whatever the case, anyone who decides to work with a life coach, must be open to new ideas, new approaches, new ways of doing things and must be fully committed in the process. Indeed, life coaching is not a miracle cure. No problem can be solved without the willingness
to work on it.

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