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I love what I do

I am a certified yoga teacher, psycho-corporal therapist, massage therapist, Psychology of eating, Mind Body Eating coach and the founder of the company Freed'Om, from Paris, France.


I discovered yoga in 2003 when I started to attend the National Dance School of Paris. At the dance  school, I mainly trained in contemporary dance, but also became proficient in ballet and jazz. At the time, yoga was more of a workout. It was a great way to maintain flexibility and improve strength. 


A few years later, as I was studying at the Institut Français de Formation Psychocorporelle to become a practitioner in Sensitive Gestalt Massage®️, this psycho-corporal therapy helped me to feel whole again. For what seemed to be the first time in my life, I felt my body, mind, soul and heart reunite and align. 

It is from this point on that I felt compelled to explore yoga beyond its physical aspect.


I traveled to India to deepen my practice and knowledge. While in India, I received my yoga teacher certification at the Vinyasa Yoga Foundation in Rishikesh. Since then, yoga has truly become a way of life for me. I practice 

pranayamas, meditation and asanas daily and see myself as an eternal student of life. I guide my classes with patience, giving voice cues, hands-on adjustments and options to fit all levels.

More recently, I studied with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and became a Mind Body Eating Coach. Going through my own challenges with food, I found that a holistic approach is what worked best for me. I have always wanted to use my own experiences to help people who struggle and suffer in this realm as well.


Now, I believe that I have the right skills and knowledge to help my clients learn how to empower themselves and make peace in their relationship with food and body. I specialize in binge eating, emotional eating, body image and I also work with weight management.

In addition, I offer life coaching. It consists of one-on-one sessions where people can discuss any subjects (relationships, family, work,..) in a safe and supportive environment. I use all of my techniques and tools to support and help clients overcome their emotional blockages and move forward in their lives.

I truly believe that each person I meet has something to teach me. I look forward to continuing my own growth, not only as a teacher, somatic therapist and eating psychology coach, but as a human being.
 I understand that everyone is different, evolving at their own rhythm and journey, going through their own challenges. I have personally experienced and have seen in others the healing power of yoga, somatic therapy and coaching. Thus, I believe that by spreading my knowledge with patience, kindness and empathy, I can help make a difference in the lives of many others and help heal more hearts and souls.


Eloïse Ferly 2020

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