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Retreats & Workshops


New retreat locations soon!

Being passionate about travel, I have personally traveled the globe a lot. I have found that the trip itself can be a precious source of well-being and personal enrichment. It allows us to get out of our daily lives, to open our mind to new cultures, traditions, new languages, as well as to share and exchange new perspectives.


I organize retreats in order to offer my customers the possibility of combining all the benefits of the trip with personal development in a rewarding environment.


I pay particular attention to the selection of destinations and places to stay. My criteria are based on the calmness of the environment and the proximity to nature which encourages a return to oneself and allows you to fully recharge your batteries.


These retreats are a perfect opportunity to bring together people with common interests and to create complete programs combining all my approaches.


My retreats focus in particular on openness to others within the group. The benefits are to learn to share, to support each other, to understand each other, to take a step back from our personal difficulties, and to learn from the experience of others.

Phone: +33 7 64 15 97 11
(Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp)

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