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Psycho-corporal Therapy by
Sensitive Gestalt Massage®

Sensitive Gestalt Massage® is a form of psycho corporal therapy. It emphasizes the Mind-Body connection through touch and speech. This approach allows you to learn how to live and express your emotions rather than repress them, because repressing is not suppressing.

Emotions have a reason to be and will always find a way to express themselves. Most of the time it will be through the body. This is called somatization which is defined by the manifestation of psychological distress by the 

presentation of physical symptoms. This approach can be sufficient by itself or complementary to verbal therapy. Combining Californian massage and Gestalt therapy, the Sensitive Gestalt Massage® allows you to reconnect with your inner self, through your body.

The sessions are held in cooperation between the 

practitioner and the client in a safe and caring environment. The practitioner guides and helps the client grow towards autonomy and self-empowerment. A relationship of trust, in which the practitioner always respects the limits of the client, is gradually built over time.


Sensitive Gestalt Massage® supports people to become aware of their body image, and thus helps to unify body and mind to create a harmony, a unity, a whole, in other words a Gestalt. It also helps us develop self-awareness, in order to learn how to express our needs, to be attentive to our feelings and be present.

It is important to take into account the progressiveness of this approach and understand that it is through the regularity of the sessions (from once a week to once every 3weeks), that this approach will be effective.

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